Saturday, May 29, 2010

May26, 2010

Dear Mom,
Wow, this first day was pretty overwhelming, really fun! They are letting me write letters to you on the first day so you know we're alive. We didn't even get to unpack until 9:30PM, we've been having lots of meetings and orientations. I met my companion, her name is Hermana Guthrie and she is going to the exact same mission as me and Spanish speaking too! I have a paper that says my estimated departure date is July 27th so I'll be here for 9 weeks. The Relief Society here put together an exercise thing for the sisters, they have classes that start at 6:00 AM and its yoga and kickboxing and Pilate, stuff like that. Well it's almost time for lights out so I need to go to bed soon. I'll write you when I can on my preparation day, (that's only when they want you to do it) I wish I had time to write more! I love you!

Love Hermana Hepworth (That's what it is says on my name tag


  1. Jilyn's mom is doing the posting while she is on her mission. I hope you all enjoy following her journey serving the Lord.

  2. I'm sure you'll get used to being called Hermana Hepworth by the end! Fun that they have exercise classes!