Monday, June 20, 2011


We have been SOOOOOOOO busy!!! We are splitting our time between 2 areas, Mt. Pleasant and Carthage. We stay in Mt. Pleasant Mon-Wed and Carthage Thurs-Sat, alternating Sundays. It's mostly been fun but it feels like we never stay in one area for very long. In Mt. Pleasant we are trying to teach Brother Arguetas' nephew Lorenzo but it has been very hard to get an appointment with him. He's been coming to church pretty regularly which is awesome! We ask him if he reads The Book of Mormon and he says "si". We say "What did you lear?" and he says. "Muchas cosas" translation: many things. We've been teaching a chiropractor named Dr. Shull, we taught him about the Doctrine of Christ and basically the history of the Book of Mormon until Joseph Smith receied the plates. He was blown away that Jesus Christ had come to the Americas. You should have been there to see. He was like "Wow, wow, wait! Are you telling me that Nephi knew about Jesus coming 600 years before he actually came? Wow! Are you telling me that Christ actually came to the Americas as a resurrected being?" He was so funny but it was really cool to witness. It was fun to see it through a different light though, since I've grown up in the church, it's not new information to me. But Dr. Shull had never heard of it before and he was so excited.
In Carthage we snuck attack taught Erin, she's the nanny of a member. The parents went to Italy and they told us to stop in while they were gone and tell her that we wanted to come and watch a movie with the kids. We watched the Testaments with her. We have been teaching the 11 year old named Chris, he's being adopted by a member and they just found out the adoption will go through the end of July so that's when he'll be able to be baptized! We were able to go watch the BYU folkdancers in Nauvoo with some of our investigators as well. It was super fun!!! I'm about out of time.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

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June 13, 2011
There are some really cool things that happened this week. We had our district meetin in Nauvoo and at the end we watched the end of the Joseph Smith movie where he goes to Carthage. It was really cool that we were right in the place where it was taking place. It's really awesome to be here, we went to church in Nauvoo as well and they have some performing groups coming here and we get to go to them with investigators. So this Thursday we're going to watch thi folk dance ensemble with some investigators. Also we can tour the Carthage Jail with investigators.
I Love you All
Hermana Hepworth


June 10, 2011
Hey it's me again! I wanted to tell you a little about some of the experiences we've been having. We usually go eat at this restaurant for lunch on Wednesday called Little Mexico and it's owned by a less active member. Usually we do service afterwards, we've usually grated a giant mountain of cheese. We want to teach all of the workers there!!! But this last Wednesday she didn't want us to help but that was okay because on the way walking back to our apartment we met this guy sitting in the park named Edgar and we sat down and taught him right there. Hispanics are just cool like that! I read this quote in conference in Elder Nelson's talk. He quotes President Monson "Fear not. Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith." I really liked that!!!
Gabriel is a 9 year old we are teaching in Carthage. He remembers a lot that we teach him! His parents are members but less active and he's at his grandpas house every weekend so we teach him there. His grandpa is active. His grandpa reminds me a lot of Clarence. We tried to sneak attack mow the lawn of a less active but they caught us and the mower died yesterday.
We had fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was realy stron there! Sister Sanchez (whom I love with all my heart!!!) tried to bear her testimony in English and I didn't really understand most of it. All I remember is that the spirit was so strong and she crossed the language barriers for those who couldn't understand.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that when we were teaching Gabriel we asked him what lawyers did and he said "Make millions!" It was pretty funny. On that note I gotta go
Love Ya
Hermana Hepworth

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May 31, 2011
A Whole lot has changed this week just by one little phone call. President Jergensen called on Saturday morning with some news. One of the Sister's who was in Carthage went home early for health reasons and so now the other Sister is here with us in Mt. Pleasant and we will be spending half of the week in Carthage, Illinois and the other half in Mr. Pleasant, Iowa. So it's gonna be pretty interesting for these next 5 weeks splitting our time between the two areas. Nauvoo is in Carthage's area but we can't proselyte there, we can visit members who live there and referrals and we'll go to church there too every other week. Sister Whitbeck is the name of the Sister who is now here with us. She was called to speak in English. When they put a Spanish and English together we call it a "zebra" since there's 3 of us (2 Spanish and 1 English) we're calling it an "Oreo")
Oh I don't remember how much I've told you about our investigators here. The main ones are Kat, she just got married to a member who's been off from his mission for about 2 years and he's now less active. It's pretty sad, we have a lot of RM's here who are less active. Kat brings up baptism every time we go and teach her but we think she wants to wait for Adam (her husband) to baptize her. He can't for now. We're teaching Santos (Spanish yay) she's not married to the man she's living with and her husband lives in Guatemala. Lorenzo is Hermano Arguetas "nephew" that we're teaching. He's in his 20s and is from Guatemala.
Other exciting news! I hit my year mark on May 26th, Thursday. It was pretty exciting. I felt like it was my birthday!!! The time has flown by so fast!
Love Hermana Hepworth

This is an email about food :)

May 23, 2011
I honestly can't believe it but I have almost reached my year mark! May 26 marks the day, ooh, I feel like it's my birthday or something! We have been eating at this restaurant owned by a less active woman every week. It's called Little Mexico and it's so good!!! She's actually NOT from Mexico but Guatemala. We went to her house afterwards and were about to help her with her garden. The Laroses took us out to a restaurant to eat and we had fried sounds weird but SOOOOOO good!!! They're from North Carolina and so they LOVE fried foods. They have fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before. They said they'd make us some one day. Sister Larose also made this dip called Chicken Lip Dip. Sounds weird but it is so tasty! We also went to see this Vietnamese lady and she gave us eggrolls. She wrapped them in lettuce and we dipped them in this sauce. I've learned from past experiences NOT to ask what things are, Just eat it, if you like it you can ask what it is so you can eat it again, that that's the rule. I think after we had eaten the eggrolls her daughter told us the soup stuff was fish oil. Yep, I wouldn't have eaten that if I knew what it was! Her name is NAHN! and she doesn't speak any English, her daughter Anh translates for us. We invited her to church and a miracle happened..she came!!! Lots of people tell you they will but they never actually do. We heard somebody in the hall during the Sacrament speaking Vietamese and we got so excited! NAHN! She didn't bring her oldest daughter so she didn't understand anything. We were praying the whole time for her to please feel the Spirit!
Hermana Rojas' husband has been living in Peru for the past 5 years waiting for him to be living in the US legally. He finally arrived last week and we taught them the Doctrine of Christ. The Spirit was so strong in their home and we're so happy that they can finally live together as a family!
Not much new. I'm starting to really love Mt. Pleasant! The people (especially the Hispanics!) the member, and investigators, I have the best job in the world!!!
Hermana Hepworth


May 9, 2011
I've never been so grateful for Mothers Day in my life!!!! I'm grateful for my family and the opportunity I had to speak with my mommy! :) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers!
Love Hermana Hepworth


May 2, 2011
We've been confined to our apartment for most of this week due to a severe back pain I've been having. We had a couple of interesting lessons this week though on the days we were able to work. One with a girl named Kat who just married an RM. We had a lesson with a cool guy named Eric. I went to the chiropractor and we taught him a little bit, his name is Dr. Shull. We ate lunch at a restaurant named Little Mexico and the owner is a less active member. We wanted to do service for her and so we grated a giant mountain of cheese. We helped a little with the yard sale the branch was doing this weekend. I've had a lot of time to read this week. I read in Jesus the Christ about The Restoration and The 2nd Coming. I'm just about done with that book...well kind of, I didn't exactly start in the beginning. I like it a lot! I read about Ammon and King Lamoni. I love reading that from a missionary perspective. I get so many insights. We got a referal from Hermano Argueta yesterday, his nephew (Lorenzo) has come to church a couple of times and we've asked Hermano Argueta if there was a time we could teach him at his house and so while we were eating our usual Sunday lunch at the Arguetas Hermana Argueta tells us that Lorenzo called him that morning and wanted to know if he'd pick him up for church and he also said "I was waiting for you last week, where were you?" He said it is Spanish of course though, he's from Guatamala. So Lorenzo agreed for us to come over to the Arguetas and teach hime there Sunday night. It went really well, our branch mission leader came too. The amazing part was mty back didn't hurt very much while we were teaching him but after the lesson it hurt SO bad! It was a miracle. We hopefully get to go to the Nauvoo temple tomorrow.
Love you all
Hermana Hepworth

Bautismo de Skylar :)

April 25, 2011
Skylar is 15 and his dad and stepmom are members. He's really cool and he got baptized on Saturday. We are trying to teach Dr. Shull (he's a chiropractor that Hermana Dalton had gone to see a long time ago and he was pretty interested. I got to meet him for the first time and he's really awesome. We watched some clips from with him at his office. We really wanted to go to his home and watch the Joseph Smith movie with him but we don't think he's told his wife about us coming to visit him and we don't think that he really wants to tell her about us. He's been reading in the Book of Mormon so that's cool. He's got lots of potential and we've seen pictures of his family and they are so stinkin cute. He's got really good morals, if you didn't know any better you'd mistake him for a Mormon. Another cool person we're teachin is Kat. She just got married to a member, Kinda sad situation, he's a less active returned missionary. But she came to church for the first time yesterday so that was awesome!!! We don't have very many miles we can use on our car so we've been walking a lot. As we were walking Ian stopped by in his car (he's the one that was a miracle last week) he wanted to know when we were coming over again so that was pretty awesome that he stopped by to talk to us. We're also teaching this cool guy named Eric. He has an amputated leg. We send him reading assignments every night via text message and so he's been reading every day. Pretty cool. Highlight was the baptism, the Spirit is always so strong at baptisms.
And I almost forgot to wish a Happy Easter! I hope everyone remembers the reason why we celebrate it and to celebrate Easter and Christmas all year round!

Good times in Mt. Pleasant

April 18, 2011
So more about the church tour we had with the youth last Sunday. I don't know how many of you are familiar with what a church tour is but they are amazing!!! It's always amazing to me how much stronger the Spirit can be when we teach our investigators in the chapel. It also helps the investigator be able to see the actual building without having to worry about meeting new people. We teach them along the way basically the message of the restoration. About how God has given us prophets because He loves us. We turn out all of the lights while we're in the sacrament meeting room and tell them that in times when there is no prophet it's like we're in darkness and we don't know the way to go. We then turn on a flashlight and show them pictures of times when God has called a prophet to guide the people and show them the way. Then we turn off the flashlight and talk more about apostacy. I think it's a really effective way to talk about apostacy and help people see that when we aren't guided by a prophet who receives revelation from God then it's the same. we're in spiritual darkness. We then talk about the Saviors life and all that He's done for us. Leading up to when he was rejected as well which resulted in the great apostacy. We take them into the room with the baptismal font and have 12 chairs lined up with the names of the original 12 apostles on the chairs. The authority (priesthood) has been restored and now we can do valid baptisms. (show them the font) It's a really special experience and my words can't do it justice. It was just really neat to be able to share that with the youth and I know that they could feel the Spirit there.
As for this week, we've been teaching our baptismal dat (Skylar) a lot. He's going to be baptized this Saturday. I cut Sister Coffins hair and she fed us strawberry shortcake for dinner. Something gross that happed to me..I got pooed on by a bird! Bleh!
We're also teaching this cool guy named Eric. We're wworking a lot with the less actives cause there a a LOT here! Pretty much, it's all going great. I still wish we taught more in Spanish :( Hispanic people are so much nicer!
Oh, I found out yesterday that this girl in our branch, Hermana Parker is from Tehuacan (where I went and taught English at in 2009) So she knows all of the people that I know from there. We think that we may have been there at the same time too! I also have the best companion in the world too FYI
Hermana Hepworth
PS I also wanted to tell you about a miracle we had this week. We had some old teaching records we have and we decided to see this girl named Danielle. We stopped by in the afternoon but her parents said that she had just moved out a couple of weeks ago so we got her address and we just felt like we shouldn't stop by at the moment so later on in the day we stopped by and she was home. She invited us in. We found out that she's actually a member but she's become less active. 5 minutes later her boyfriend walks in who isn't a member and keeps telling us how crazy it is that we stopped by because he's been looking around for the past week trying to find a church. He doesn't live there with her (which is good) So we were really lucky to find him at that time. We taught them about the Restoration and he said he would come to church. I just thought it was really neat because there was a reason why we felt like we shouldn't g by earlier in the day. The Spirit was whispering that we needed to go by later so that we could contact him. His name is Ian, he's got some interesting ideas. So anyway, that was one of the many small miracles we see each day.

Dear World

April 11, 2011
I am writing you today from Mt. Pleasant Iowa, this is where I have been transfered to. I really like it a lot so far but we don't speak much Spanish here. But before I go into that let me tell you about the past 2 weeks. Back on the last Monday in March we taught this lady named Rosie. We really actually wanted to teach her brother who when we taught him the week before was telling his sister about the first vision and remembered that Heavenly Father said "This is my beloved son, hear him" for parts of that lesson I felt like he was our member at the lesson. But sadly he was busy painting and so we taught her and then we had this strange experience with this 20 year oldish boy outside of her tralier who was telling us that you only had to repent one time for all of the sins that you've committed and will committ because Jesus only suffered one time on the cross. We felt kinda yuucky after we left him so we sung some hymns. We had one of the most amazin lessons with a man named Mario who happens to be the brother of one our members. The Sprit was really strong and he had so many really good questionsm, he told us he would have lots of questions the next time we came back. We taught our baptismal date some more (Francisco) Oh and he quite drinking coffee!!!!!!! On April Fools we made the other missionaries believe that we weren't doing any missionary work. (We really were though) We also watched a Catholic baptism on video from Mexico..then we invited them to one of our baptisms. I hope they come Oh, and the CONFERENCE!!!!! It was so awesome! After the morning session on Saturday we found out that were both being transfered and so I was really sad after that, which was a little strange because I was kinda expecting it. I was in Des Moines for 6 months after all. On Sunday morning I was thinking on the different ways that we can receive revelation. Especially as a missionary I feel like I should be receiving all of this revelation but I guess I just haven't realized that I am, little by little, like a sunrise. I also really enjoyed the talks about desires. (Especially since it's so stinkin hard for me to wake up in the morning and I've got to overcome my desire to sleep) I also enjoyed the talk about the "being" and "doing" I can't rememeber who gave it but I enjoyed it a lot! For the rest of the week we said goodbye to everyone and it was sad! Especially with Esmerelda. She's like my best friend. I love her so much and we shed a few tears together. I cut some members hair this week. Hermana Crespo's and her kids. Debbie and Kevin and Hermana Tristan's.
Then we packed up all of our stuff and now I'm in Mt. Pleasant with Hermana Draney. She's the MTC companion of my greenie that I've been training these past 2 transfers, Hermana Rials. Hermana Draney grew up in Kansas and now her parents live in Wyoming. She's so stinkin awesome!!! We've been enjoying this weather a lot!!! We have a car but we don't have very many miles we can use so we're glad for this good weather cause we've been walking around a LOT in it! We had a church tour with the youth in ur branch last night and it was so awesome. I'll tell you more about it next week cause I'm outta time. I love you all!
Hermana Hepworth
I have not posted for Jilyn for quite some time because I lost the info to sign in. Anyway I am attempting to up date you on her mission. I hope you will keep visiting this site because I will be updating it regularily now.

March 7, 2011
This week we met Korihor. He was hispanic but wanted to speak to us in English, he knows that God exists but doesn't think he loves us. If he loved us, he would show up when we needed him so he chooses to serve the other guy. He said lots of creepy things to us and said he was a witch. All we could really do was bear our testimony to him because he really didn't want to learn. Oh! And I accidently rear ended somebody...oops. I was only going about 2 MPH though. It didn't do anything to the other car but one of our headlight covers broke. We taught our first English class and we had an investigator (Josephina) and a member family (the Arguestas) come. It was fun. We taught getting to know you questions and numbers and colors. We played lots of fun games with it too.
We had Stake Conference and it was transmitted from SLC. Elders Cook and Eyring spoke. I didn't get as much out of it as I would have liked because it was in Spanish. We watched it in Spanish because one of our super cool investigators (Julia) came and so we were in the Relief Society room watching it in Spanish with her and the rest of the branch.
No more time gotta run!
Love Hermana Hepworth

March 28, 2011
Good week! It always goes by so fast and I realized on my 10 month mark (we call them click days :)) that I only have 8 months left and that's not very much time! After that I'm not going to be on a mission anymore so I want to work as hard as I can to find all of the people my Heavenly Father wants me to find. So our baptismal date Francisco is an interesting fellow. He LOVES to talk, talk, and talk. And Also another thing that he likes is his coffee. He told us that he's going to pick a day and on that day he will drink lots and lots of coffee and from that day forward he won't drink anymore coffee. (That's what he did 10 years ago when he stopped drinking alcohol) So we proceeded to helping him pick a day, we kinda settled on the first Sunday in April. We also ran into this really interesting man named Pablo, he knows a LOT about the Bible and he agrees with us on a lot of stuff but he was very set on the sabbath being on Saturday. Nothing we said could convince him other wise. He is an honest seeker of truth though, I believe. He'd learned with missionaries a long time ago and he even remember that Joseph Smith had the first vision in 1820. He also thought that that's when the church was established as the "Mormon Church" being it's official title. We committed him to read it and pray about it and I believe he will because he sincerely wants to know the truth. He was really interested when we told him about conference. I'm so excited for General Conference. I love hearing from all the General Authorities who have prayed for inspiration on what they should talk to us about.
Oh and that night (Tuesday) there was a tornado..we heard sirens but I think it was quite a ways away from us.
I don't know if I told you about Irene. She's the sister of a member, she's so cool and we're hoping to set a baptismal date with her soon. So our Spanish area covers 3 areas..does that make any sense. There are English Elders in each of these 3 areas and when they find Spanish people they'll give them to us as a referral so we only teach the Hispanics (they're a lot) I can't remember why I was telling you this...oh yeah. We teach an English class on Saturdays and the Elders were having a baptism right after it so we invited one of the men who comes (his name is Pablo as well) to come to it and he did. He really liked it! The Spirit was so strong there. It was a mom and her 3 kids. We taught this lady named Jessica about 4 months ago and then she got super busy with her work and it's been so hard to get back in contact with her but his week we were close to her house and I felt like we should see her...and she was home!!! It was awesome. I missed her a lot and she still wants to get baptized but she's still really busy with work thought so that makes it hard.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you something crazy that we did. Well, we kinda stole a cat. There's this cat that we always see and it's such a sad looking cat, so skinny and weak and sick. Well this particular day we saw this cat and Hermana Rials says to me "We should take it" and I was like "WHAT?" even though I had the same thought, it was crazy. But we felt good about it so we took it to our apartment and gave it a bath and Esmerelda said we could take it to her house. She's taking care of it until it gets better and we can find it a home. If we can't find a home I'll just have to send it to Utah.. how do you mail a cat? Just kidding...kinda. Well I love ya but I'm outta time, read your scriptures and pray and go to church!!! And also our weather is crazy. It snowed one day and then was warm the next.
Love Hermana Hepworth