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May 31, 2011
A Whole lot has changed this week just by one little phone call. President Jergensen called on Saturday morning with some news. One of the Sister's who was in Carthage went home early for health reasons and so now the other Sister is here with us in Mt. Pleasant and we will be spending half of the week in Carthage, Illinois and the other half in Mr. Pleasant, Iowa. So it's gonna be pretty interesting for these next 5 weeks splitting our time between the two areas. Nauvoo is in Carthage's area but we can't proselyte there, we can visit members who live there and referrals and we'll go to church there too every other week. Sister Whitbeck is the name of the Sister who is now here with us. She was called to speak in English. When they put a Spanish and English together we call it a "zebra" since there's 3 of us (2 Spanish and 1 English) we're calling it an "Oreo")
Oh I don't remember how much I've told you about our investigators here. The main ones are Kat, she just got married to a member who's been off from his mission for about 2 years and he's now less active. It's pretty sad, we have a lot of RM's here who are less active. Kat brings up baptism every time we go and teach her but we think she wants to wait for Adam (her husband) to baptize her. He can't for now. We're teaching Santos (Spanish yay) she's not married to the man she's living with and her husband lives in Guatemala. Lorenzo is Hermano Arguetas "nephew" that we're teaching. He's in his 20s and is from Guatemala.
Other exciting news! I hit my year mark on May 26th, Thursday. It was pretty exciting. I felt like it was my birthday!!! The time has flown by so fast!
Love Hermana Hepworth

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