Monday, June 20, 2011


We have been SOOOOOOOO busy!!! We are splitting our time between 2 areas, Mt. Pleasant and Carthage. We stay in Mt. Pleasant Mon-Wed and Carthage Thurs-Sat, alternating Sundays. It's mostly been fun but it feels like we never stay in one area for very long. In Mt. Pleasant we are trying to teach Brother Arguetas' nephew Lorenzo but it has been very hard to get an appointment with him. He's been coming to church pretty regularly which is awesome! We ask him if he reads The Book of Mormon and he says "si". We say "What did you lear?" and he says. "Muchas cosas" translation: many things. We've been teaching a chiropractor named Dr. Shull, we taught him about the Doctrine of Christ and basically the history of the Book of Mormon until Joseph Smith receied the plates. He was blown away that Jesus Christ had come to the Americas. You should have been there to see. He was like "Wow, wow, wait! Are you telling me that Nephi knew about Jesus coming 600 years before he actually came? Wow! Are you telling me that Christ actually came to the Americas as a resurrected being?" He was so funny but it was really cool to witness. It was fun to see it through a different light though, since I've grown up in the church, it's not new information to me. But Dr. Shull had never heard of it before and he was so excited.
In Carthage we snuck attack taught Erin, she's the nanny of a member. The parents went to Italy and they told us to stop in while they were gone and tell her that we wanted to come and watch a movie with the kids. We watched the Testaments with her. We have been teaching the 11 year old named Chris, he's being adopted by a member and they just found out the adoption will go through the end of July so that's when he'll be able to be baptized! We were able to go watch the BYU folkdancers in Nauvoo with some of our investigators as well. It was super fun!!! I'm about out of time.
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