Sunday, June 19, 2011

I have not posted for Jilyn for quite some time because I lost the info to sign in. Anyway I am attempting to up date you on her mission. I hope you will keep visiting this site because I will be updating it regularily now.

March 7, 2011
This week we met Korihor. He was hispanic but wanted to speak to us in English, he knows that God exists but doesn't think he loves us. If he loved us, he would show up when we needed him so he chooses to serve the other guy. He said lots of creepy things to us and said he was a witch. All we could really do was bear our testimony to him because he really didn't want to learn. Oh! And I accidently rear ended somebody...oops. I was only going about 2 MPH though. It didn't do anything to the other car but one of our headlight covers broke. We taught our first English class and we had an investigator (Josephina) and a member family (the Arguestas) come. It was fun. We taught getting to know you questions and numbers and colors. We played lots of fun games with it too.
We had Stake Conference and it was transmitted from SLC. Elders Cook and Eyring spoke. I didn't get as much out of it as I would have liked because it was in Spanish. We watched it in Spanish because one of our super cool investigators (Julia) came and so we were in the Relief Society room watching it in Spanish with her and the rest of the branch.
No more time gotta run!
Love Hermana Hepworth

March 28, 2011
Good week! It always goes by so fast and I realized on my 10 month mark (we call them click days :)) that I only have 8 months left and that's not very much time! After that I'm not going to be on a mission anymore so I want to work as hard as I can to find all of the people my Heavenly Father wants me to find. So our baptismal date Francisco is an interesting fellow. He LOVES to talk, talk, and talk. And Also another thing that he likes is his coffee. He told us that he's going to pick a day and on that day he will drink lots and lots of coffee and from that day forward he won't drink anymore coffee. (That's what he did 10 years ago when he stopped drinking alcohol) So we proceeded to helping him pick a day, we kinda settled on the first Sunday in April. We also ran into this really interesting man named Pablo, he knows a LOT about the Bible and he agrees with us on a lot of stuff but he was very set on the sabbath being on Saturday. Nothing we said could convince him other wise. He is an honest seeker of truth though, I believe. He'd learned with missionaries a long time ago and he even remember that Joseph Smith had the first vision in 1820. He also thought that that's when the church was established as the "Mormon Church" being it's official title. We committed him to read it and pray about it and I believe he will because he sincerely wants to know the truth. He was really interested when we told him about conference. I'm so excited for General Conference. I love hearing from all the General Authorities who have prayed for inspiration on what they should talk to us about.
Oh and that night (Tuesday) there was a tornado..we heard sirens but I think it was quite a ways away from us.
I don't know if I told you about Irene. She's the sister of a member, she's so cool and we're hoping to set a baptismal date with her soon. So our Spanish area covers 3 areas..does that make any sense. There are English Elders in each of these 3 areas and when they find Spanish people they'll give them to us as a referral so we only teach the Hispanics (they're a lot) I can't remember why I was telling you this...oh yeah. We teach an English class on Saturdays and the Elders were having a baptism right after it so we invited one of the men who comes (his name is Pablo as well) to come to it and he did. He really liked it! The Spirit was so strong there. It was a mom and her 3 kids. We taught this lady named Jessica about 4 months ago and then she got super busy with her work and it's been so hard to get back in contact with her but his week we were close to her house and I felt like we should see her...and she was home!!! It was awesome. I missed her a lot and she still wants to get baptized but she's still really busy with work thought so that makes it hard.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you something crazy that we did. Well, we kinda stole a cat. There's this cat that we always see and it's such a sad looking cat, so skinny and weak and sick. Well this particular day we saw this cat and Hermana Rials says to me "We should take it" and I was like "WHAT?" even though I had the same thought, it was crazy. But we felt good about it so we took it to our apartment and gave it a bath and Esmerelda said we could take it to her house. She's taking care of it until it gets better and we can find it a home. If we can't find a home I'll just have to send it to Utah.. how do you mail a cat? Just kidding...kinda. Well I love ya but I'm outta time, read your scriptures and pray and go to church!!! And also our weather is crazy. It snowed one day and then was warm the next.
Love Hermana Hepworth

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