Tuesday, February 15, 2011

feliz dia de amor

This week has been so CRAZY! I got a call on Tuesday after we had just gotten back from taking Hermana Rials to the chiropracter from the assistants. Basically, they wanted me to take 6 sisters and give them stuff to do while their companions were in meetings. Well okay...but we've been inside for a week and have no appointments set up. It was really stressful but it was all good because we had lots of people to check up on. We had one of the sisters "babysit" Hermana Rials and we split into 2 groups of Spanish speakers. I was with Hermana Draney (cute little greenie :) she was Hermana Rials MTC companion. We found 2 brand new people (that's how friendly the Hispanic people are, they let you in right then :)) That night we had even more missionaries to give work to..there were 9 of us. The next 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday) we had Leadership Training. We have this once every 3 months I think and usually it's the Zone Leader, District Leadrs, and trainers that go to it but President Jergensen thought it would be good if everyone had a chance to go. It was AWESOME to see all of my former companions!!!!! Hermana Guthrie, Dalton, Hancock and McGuire...I love them! So on Wednesday basically all of the sisters in our mission were at this training (there were 11 of us) after the training all of them were working in my area, so we split into 3 groups of 3 (Hermana Rials was getting babysat :)) I set up 3 dinner appointments so that everyone would get dinner. The best part was that we got to check up on people that we hadn't been able to for a long time and I just loved seeing everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We learned lots of good stuff from the training too.
I'm sure it was kinda weird for the English sisters though, they had no clue what was going on. We translated for them for a couple of lessons so they could understand. So if you couldn't tell Hermana Rials' back is still hurting her a lot.
We're teaching this interesting lady named Jovita that Esmerelda referred to us. She's interesting.
Hermana Hepworth
Ps I almost forgot

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