Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For the world

Well, we were really sad on Tuesday, Becky wasn't home for our appointment so we called the number she gave us, nobody answered. I left a message and we got a call back. It was her husband., Christoff. He hasn't been home at all for the lessons that we've been teaching her but he wasn't very happy on the phone. (which was sad because I really liked him before. We found him on my birthday and he's the crazy French guy that thought we were baby sitters.) He was telling me how he was the one in charge of the house, he makes the decisions, and they weren't interested and he wanted to give the books back. We were worried that Becky wasn't interested anymore so we waited a while and a couple of days ago, we went to her house, hoping her husband wasn't there. Well, he wasn't and she told us that she was wondering if we were going to come back. Christoff didn't say a word to her about talking to us on the phone. So anyway, we were really happy because we really love her! We also had an interesting experience with one of the English members (we have a couple that come to the branch in Hampton because they think Mason City is too far away, it's about 30 minutes away) Katrina...she's interesting. We talked to her for the first time when were were with Sister Jergensen for the day and we had stopped at a yard sale. She talked about how she has MS and how she's not suffrering from the symptoms right now. Sister Jergensen said something like, "Oh good, so it's in remission." Fast forward 3 days and we're in her house, we asked her if there was a subject she wants to talk about..thinking that she'll say some gospel principle or something like that. Nope, she was very offended by the word "remission" and that
Sister Jergensen labeled her with that word. We actually think tht she doesn't know what MS is or remission because she says that it's "fear" and it's not a disease. We spent a long time talking to her (in English) and I understood all of the words coming out of her mouth, but when we left I had no clue what we had just talked about. It didn't make any sense. She actually called us yesterday and was still upset about it. She said she was having stomach pains and she knew that it was because she took the sacremant while she was angry and she wanted Sister Jergensens phone number. We talked to Sister Jergensen about it and she's going to talk to her. I feel bad though because Sister Jergensen is the sweetest lady ever and she would never want to hurt somebody's feelings. We're just going to continue to visit Katrina and love her. It sounds like she's had a pretty hare life from what I understand. We've had some pretty cool coincidences..but I don't think that any of the things that happen really are coincidences, more like little miracles. It makes the times when people are rude to us worth it!!!!
WRITE ME LETTERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Missionary Contacts

We did some service for Joyce, we helped her with her yard work. She's not a member but she knows the gospel is true and that it was restored through Joseph Smith. Her husband is really against it so she basically wants to wait until he dies...not that she wants him to die or anything, but yeah. She's almost 90 and her mind is still really sharp! She owns a farm, we went out there and it was fun. She used to do lots of pottery and she has a wheel and a kiln. She used to teach pottery classes at city hall and so that's where her kiln is. We're going to help her get it out this week so that next Monday on our pday we can make pottery. yea. That will be really fun! We taught Becky, she always asks about the commitments we want to extend to her. She read our pamphlet on the Plan of Salvation and she asked about baptism. She is willing to be baptized when she gets her answer to it's truth. She has no problem accepting that there could be a prophet on the earth today and that there could be more scriptures and when you think about it, why would there be a problem anyway? Heavenly Father has called a prophet before. He's done many miracles through His prophets so if he wants to do it again then he can! He can have more scripture if He wants. It's not such a crazy idea!

It was so hot and sunny outside while we were doing service for Joyce and we were swimming in our sweat and later that day we were having dinner at a members house, when we left it was raining SO hard outside We got SOAKED! I really wanted a picture of us tracting in the rain. They say your spouse gets better looking if you go tracting in the rain.

We were talking to an investigator named Yanira, her kids have been baptized in our church and so she's been taught before. She was telling us how she had evil spirits in her home and a lot of creepy things happened and I felt kinda uncomfortable while we were talking about it but then we started talking about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and the spirit in the room changed completely because the spirit was there. She even noticed it too because she commented on how she always feels good when the missionaries come over and she felt the spirit there. I have high hopes for her.

Our mission presidents wife came on Friday. Sister Jergensen. It was fun. She came to all of our appointments with us! On Saturday we encountered a lady in the park that wasn't very friendly. She told us to "move along" we just brushed it off our shoulders cause she doesn't know what she just turned down! The branch was so small until this week because they were all in Mexico but they all returned this week so most of the chairs were full at church. YEA! I got to speak in Sacrament Meeting. I bore my testimony and we have taught Relief Society these last two weeks which was harder because they talk back to you and it's hard for me to understand them with their thick accents.

We've been walking around so we won't used up our miles that we have for the car, plus you can't meet anybody when you are in a car. So we've been able to meet a lot of new people just by walking around town. As we were walking around I got to thinking about how cool my life is right now. My only responsibility is to talk to people about the church. About the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we have a prophet on the earth today and scripture written for our day. It's really cool. I get to help others come unto Christ.
Write me letters and let me know what has been going on.
Love Hermana Jilyn Heporth

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We stayed the first night at the mission home, and it was fun. We had dinner, and a group meeting. We also shared our testimonies, and had an interview with President Jergensen. The next day Hermana Guthrie and I studied, then met our trainers. My trainers name is Hermana Liz McGuire, and we're serving in the Hampton area. We drove to Hampton (we have a car and it took 2 hours). The area book is a mess, and there aren't any investigators with a baptismal date. So we've just been going around to visit people in the book. When they don't answer the door we just knock on other doors. This french guy opened the door of one of the houses and said, "Oh, the babysitters are here....2 babysitters!" It was funny! When we got things figured out, like how we're NOT the babysitters, he invited us in and we talked to him a little bit. His name is Christoff, and we actually happened to have one french book of Mormon in our apartment, so we took it over to their house yesterday. They have 2 kids and they are so cute! Most people don't seem very interested, but I pray that their hearts will be touched, and they'll let us talk to them. Hermana McGuire does most of the talking. I started practicing my initial apporach today, and I'm going to practice it with Hermana McGuire tomorrow. Monday is my new P-day. There are some missionaries that served in this mission about a year ago, and they are going over the area book with us today. They cam back to tour their mission.