Sunday, August 8, 2010

We stayed the first night at the mission home, and it was fun. We had dinner, and a group meeting. We also shared our testimonies, and had an interview with President Jergensen. The next day Hermana Guthrie and I studied, then met our trainers. My trainers name is Hermana Liz McGuire, and we're serving in the Hampton area. We drove to Hampton (we have a car and it took 2 hours). The area book is a mess, and there aren't any investigators with a baptismal date. So we've just been going around to visit people in the book. When they don't answer the door we just knock on other doors. This french guy opened the door of one of the houses and said, "Oh, the babysitters are here....2 babysitters!" It was funny! When we got things figured out, like how we're NOT the babysitters, he invited us in and we talked to him a little bit. His name is Christoff, and we actually happened to have one french book of Mormon in our apartment, so we took it over to their house yesterday. They have 2 kids and they are so cute! Most people don't seem very interested, but I pray that their hearts will be touched, and they'll let us talk to them. Hermana McGuire does most of the talking. I started practicing my initial apporach today, and I'm going to practice it with Hermana McGuire tomorrow. Monday is my new P-day. There are some missionaries that served in this mission about a year ago, and they are going over the area book with us today. They cam back to tour their mission.

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