Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For the world

Well, we were really sad on Tuesday, Becky wasn't home for our appointment so we called the number she gave us, nobody answered. I left a message and we got a call back. It was her husband., Christoff. He hasn't been home at all for the lessons that we've been teaching her but he wasn't very happy on the phone. (which was sad because I really liked him before. We found him on my birthday and he's the crazy French guy that thought we were baby sitters.) He was telling me how he was the one in charge of the house, he makes the decisions, and they weren't interested and he wanted to give the books back. We were worried that Becky wasn't interested anymore so we waited a while and a couple of days ago, we went to her house, hoping her husband wasn't there. Well, he wasn't and she told us that she was wondering if we were going to come back. Christoff didn't say a word to her about talking to us on the phone. So anyway, we were really happy because we really love her! We also had an interesting experience with one of the English members (we have a couple that come to the branch in Hampton because they think Mason City is too far away, it's about 30 minutes away) Katrina...she's interesting. We talked to her for the first time when were were with Sister Jergensen for the day and we had stopped at a yard sale. She talked about how she has MS and how she's not suffrering from the symptoms right now. Sister Jergensen said something like, "Oh good, so it's in remission." Fast forward 3 days and we're in her house, we asked her if there was a subject she wants to talk about..thinking that she'll say some gospel principle or something like that. Nope, she was very offended by the word "remission" and that
Sister Jergensen labeled her with that word. We actually think tht she doesn't know what MS is or remission because she says that it's "fear" and it's not a disease. We spent a long time talking to her (in English) and I understood all of the words coming out of her mouth, but when we left I had no clue what we had just talked about. It didn't make any sense. She actually called us yesterday and was still upset about it. She said she was having stomach pains and she knew that it was because she took the sacremant while she was angry and she wanted Sister Jergensens phone number. We talked to Sister Jergensen about it and she's going to talk to her. I feel bad though because Sister Jergensen is the sweetest lady ever and she would never want to hurt somebody's feelings. We're just going to continue to visit Katrina and love her. It sounds like she's had a pretty hare life from what I understand. We've had some pretty cool coincidences..but I don't think that any of the things that happen really are coincidences, more like little miracles. It makes the times when people are rude to us worth it!!!!
WRITE ME LETTERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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