Monday, September 27, 2010

Last week we had Josh's baptism, and Saturday we had another one, Fadee's. Josh had to be baptized 3 times because President Sosa had never baptized somebody before and he used the wrong arm. Second time his clothes didn't go down, and the third time was the charm. We had a big party afterward with lots of food. I don't know about the other Hermanas but I was worried about Fadies going all of the way under the water because of her big belly (She is REALLY pregnant) plus she had to wear a dress so we didn't want that coming up. But it went fine, she was really nervous but we could really feel the spirit! Hermana Dalton has had a baptism every Saturday that she's been we need to keep it that way!

I like having Hermana Dalton here, it's not very often tht it happens where you have a trainer with two greenies. I like hearing Hermana McGuire tell her all the tings that she needs to know because then it sticks it in my brain better.

One thing weird tht happened this week is that the whole town got toilet papered. We saw giant groups of kids toilet papering the town on Monday night and the police watching them do it. We found out later that it is for Homecoming week. The whole town does it every night. It's a pretty stupid tradition, wasting toilet paper and making the whole town look like a toilet bowl!

Yesterday it was FREEZING outside and so we assumed that it was going to be a cold today so we bundled up and it turned out to be 83 degrees outside so we had to go back in and change. I wish the weather would just make up its mind! They keep telling me it's going to start snowing once October comes.

I have been doing this crazy thing every since I have arrived in Iowa, or at least since the 2nd week I arrived in Hampton. Making my the middle of the night, like at one or two in the morning. It's so weird. I've been doing it for the last five weeks. I'll make it and then just sit on my bed until I wake up. A couple of times I've woken up while I'm in the process of making it. It happens about once a week, so now it's a joke between me and Hermana McGuire because there have been a couple of times where she's woken up in the middle of the night and seen me doing it. So ,she wakes me up. Bah. I feel weird about it because I can't control it.

Well lots of other thingsw have happened these past few weeks but whenever I sit down at the computer, I forget what happened. I always wonder who reads this thing. It'll be cool to be able to go through the whole thing once I can see it. Not that I'm counting or anything. I don't want to figure out when I'm coming home, it's better to not know I think.

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  1. That's crazy about the bed making....what the heck! Maybe you're turning into a clean!