Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hola Como esta?

I don't have my scriptures in English, only Spanish, they gave us nice scriptures in Spanish. My knee originally hurt on the outside right after the fall, after about a week and a half Dr. Sampson wanted me to go to another Dr. because the shot did not help. he gave me a prescription for 800 MG ibuprofen to take 1 at every meal and he gave me a strap to wear. It's been feeling better and the physical therapy's been good. They'll still let me go if it hurts. I can ride bikes still. One of the Elders in my zone just told me there's an Elder Hepworth that came to the MTC this Wednesday. We're everywhere speaking of Wednesdays, new missionary day, I get to be a missionary host. We've all been wanting to do that since we've gotten here and we've seen Elders/sisters do it that get here after us. So basically when I got here the Elders that carried my baggage away when I last saw you, took me to my missionary hos,t and she helped me take my stuff up to my room. We didn't get to unpack until that night. And took me to get my materials and MTC supplies and showed me around a little bit and took me to my classroom. That's what I get to do this Wednesday. When I was doing my service at the senior Missionary building like usual, I was talking to one couple and they looked familiar. And I guess they thought the same of me because they saw my last name and said "Hepworth" you look just like a Gifford and then they asked about YOU! Lamar Woodbury and his wife. He said that he and Uncle Dean are best friends. They're going to Brazil I think. On Saturday we all decided to wear blue, (my district) it was funny! When I was leading on Sunday during Sacrament Meeting something funny happened! I was conducting in Sacrament meeting and we were singing a hymn that's not in the English book #88 if you want to look it up) WE always sing it in our classroom but without the piano so when Hermana Pertersen started playing I thought it was the wrong song. I was so confused and we had a conversation with her, me on the stand and her at the piano so it kinda yelled yeah it was the right song. Everyone laughed, it made my day. We had an English fast on Monday. my brain was so fired!

I really love D&C 6:36 and Mosiah 4:9-10. I love the last line....see that ye DO them! It's not enough just to believe.

I will be flying out on Wednesday, July 28th. I will leave SLC at 8:30 AM arriving at Dallas at 12:05. While I am there I will be able to call you Mom. I leave Dallas at 1:00PM and arrive in Des Moines, IA at 2:45 PM

I love all of you and miss you a lot but I am happy doing the Lords work.

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