Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good times in Mt. Pleasant

April 18, 2011
So more about the church tour we had with the youth last Sunday. I don't know how many of you are familiar with what a church tour is but they are amazing!!! It's always amazing to me how much stronger the Spirit can be when we teach our investigators in the chapel. It also helps the investigator be able to see the actual building without having to worry about meeting new people. We teach them along the way basically the message of the restoration. About how God has given us prophets because He loves us. We turn out all of the lights while we're in the sacrament meeting room and tell them that in times when there is no prophet it's like we're in darkness and we don't know the way to go. We then turn on a flashlight and show them pictures of times when God has called a prophet to guide the people and show them the way. Then we turn off the flashlight and talk more about apostacy. I think it's a really effective way to talk about apostacy and help people see that when we aren't guided by a prophet who receives revelation from God then it's the same. we're in spiritual darkness. We then talk about the Saviors life and all that He's done for us. Leading up to when he was rejected as well which resulted in the great apostacy. We take them into the room with the baptismal font and have 12 chairs lined up with the names of the original 12 apostles on the chairs. The authority (priesthood) has been restored and now we can do valid baptisms. (show them the font) It's a really special experience and my words can't do it justice. It was just really neat to be able to share that with the youth and I know that they could feel the Spirit there.
As for this week, we've been teaching our baptismal dat (Skylar) a lot. He's going to be baptized this Saturday. I cut Sister Coffins hair and she fed us strawberry shortcake for dinner. Something gross that happed to me..I got pooed on by a bird! Bleh!
We're also teaching this cool guy named Eric. We're wworking a lot with the less actives cause there a a LOT here! Pretty much, it's all going great. I still wish we taught more in Spanish :( Hispanic people are so much nicer!
Oh, I found out yesterday that this girl in our branch, Hermana Parker is from Tehuacan (where I went and taught English at in 2009) So she knows all of the people that I know from there. We think that we may have been there at the same time too! I also have the best companion in the world too FYI
Hermana Hepworth
PS I also wanted to tell you about a miracle we had this week. We had some old teaching records we have and we decided to see this girl named Danielle. We stopped by in the afternoon but her parents said that she had just moved out a couple of weeks ago so we got her address and we just felt like we shouldn't stop by at the moment so later on in the day we stopped by and she was home. She invited us in. We found out that she's actually a member but she's become less active. 5 minutes later her boyfriend walks in who isn't a member and keeps telling us how crazy it is that we stopped by because he's been looking around for the past week trying to find a church. He doesn't live there with her (which is good) So we were really lucky to find him at that time. We taught them about the Restoration and he said he would come to church. I just thought it was really neat because there was a reason why we felt like we shouldn't g by earlier in the day. The Spirit was whispering that we needed to go by later so that we could contact him. His name is Ian, he's got some interesting ideas. So anyway, that was one of the many small miracles we see each day.

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