Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Conference was really good! I liked Elder Oaks talk on how personal and priesthood revelation work together. I think it's the first conference where there weren't any distractions or people falling asleep and I watched every single session except for Priesthood. We watched it at the chapel here in Hampton. In the Sacrement Meeting room it was in Spanish and they set it up on a TV in the RS room in English. We were the only ones who came to watch it on Saturday though. I think a lot of people didn't even know it was General Conference weekend because when we got to the chapel on Sunday there were a lot of people already there and it was about 10:15 (church usually starts at 10 and conference started at 11 and Mexicans are late to EVERYTHING) So we were wondering why they were all early. We think that they just didn't know so they thought they were late to church but really they were just early for conference. They had food in between. Lots of rice and tortillas. And then we watched the rest of conference and came home and had dinner.

Our numbers for this week aren't very good because with all of the meetings and traveling we've been doing we haven't really had much time to teach lessons and talk to people. We had a Zone Conference in Ames (about an hour south) and our usual district meeting is on Thursday but we had it on Friday this week in Mason City (about 45 minutes north)

Did you watch Conference on Saturday Too? As I was watching conference I would think about how my family was probably watching it at the exact same time and I was trying to figure out where everyone was watching it at. I thought of Teala and her family and how they must be watching it at their house in Ivins, and Wyatt and his family in their home in Mapleton,and Riley in Logan. I imagined that mom and Clarence would be watching it with Sarah and her family in Glendale.

Did you have any talks that really stuck out to you? I also really liked the one from Saturday about being a good teacher, which was really applicable to me I think, since thats what I do all day long :) I thought of what a good teacher I thought Brother Haws was (my 9th grade seminary teacher) and about what made him such a good teacher. I think it was his attitude about the gospel. He loved it so much and it spread throughout his classes.

Can you believe I've been gone for 4 months....It's crazy!!!!! Time goes by so slow but yet so fast. Days are weeks and weeks are days.

Write me. I love all of you so much and miss you.

Love Herman Jilyn Hepworth

The weather here is SO weird. It'll be pretty warm on Monday and then gradually get colder and colder until it's REALLY cold on Sunday....that's how it's been for the past 3 weeks. I'm glad I have all of my winter stuff.

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