Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well this Week Hermana McGuire kinda abondoned us. She had a training in Des Moines because she has a new greenie (Hermana Dalton) So we drove down and spent the day working with Hermana Guthrie (it was fun, but a lady yelled at us a lot and the spirit definately left. Hermana Guthrie said that happens quite a bit...I'm glad I'm not there) while they were training that day and that night we drove the car back up to Hampton without Hermana McGuire (it was weird to be the one driving and I was the Senior Companion for the 3 days she wasn't with us) It was so nice to be able to spread my wings out to see if I could fly and be successful. So it was fun to be in charge of making decisions, kinda stressful. I got to know Hermana Dalton better and most of our appointments didn't fall through. Honestly, I didn't really understand most of what the investigators were saying in our lessons. I feel like I was guided as to what to say back even though I didn't really understand what they had just said, like I've said before, it's hard to understand a native speakers Spanish.

So transfers are next week and we're receiving another Hermana. Right now there are 5 Spanish speaking Sisters in the mission, 2 in Des Moines and the 3 of us in Hampton so when this Hermana comes we could have 2 trios or 3 companionships. But the thing is that this next transfer is Hermana Murphy's (Hermana Guthrie"s trainer) last one so she's only had Hermana Murphy for 1 transfer and then Hermana Guthrie or I will finish training her. I probably did a really bad job of explaining that. So I'll either stay in Hampton another transfer or go whitewash another area with Hermana Guthrie and we'll Greenbust each other. Either way I know that President Jergensen has the Lord's guidance so I'll go where ever I need to be. The reason I thought about telling you that is because in November Elder Nelson is coming to speak for this Stake Conference...big deal! So I may or may not be here for that. Also in November we're having a Sisters Conference in Nauvoo, and we get to go to the temple!!! It's exciting!
I love you all!
Hermana Hepworth

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