Monday, January 31, 2011

Chinches AKA: Bedbugs!

Yep, we have bedbugs in our apartment. The Hermanas before us had problems with them and Hermana Rials has found quite a few bites. Elder Bee (Senior missionary) has a bedbug killer, it heats the apartment up to 150 degrees (that's the only things that kills them) but he didn't want to do that yet. He told us to vaccuum our entire apartment and the mattresses too and put all our clothes and bedding in the dryer on the highest heat. We spent the whole day doing that...I'm not so sure if it worked. We have a theory that the whole apartment complex has them and that's why we con't seem to get rid of them because Elder Bee has heated up the apartment before and it obvisously didn't work.

We've also been pretty sick so this week has been kinda slow with us being inside a lot and all. It kinda makes me really awnrey, onrey, awnery... I don't know how to spell it. Anyways, when we're indoors a lot I start getting kinda stressed and discouraged thinking about how much easier it would be to quit...but that doesn't ever last very long because we go out and start talking to people and that makes me really REALLY happy and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I LOVE IT!

We've been teaching this couple, Ana and Aldo, since November and they're awesome but they have to wait until summer to get married in Mexico. It's sad because we love them so much and know all of the blessings that they can receive. They have a daughter that's old enough to get baptized so we're going to work on that :)

Esmerelda brought a lady to church last week named Jovita, and we've started teacher her. She's in her 40's and she's learned before back in Mexico when she was 20. I LOVE IT! when we get member referrals!!!!! Marcella just turned 8 so she got baptized the Saturday, the Spirit was really strong there, we invited our investigators to come but nobody showed up :( She sang "Baptism" afterwards and the Spirit was just really strong.

Well not much to say WAIT, I just thought of something! I finished the Book of Mormon this week. Yea!!!!! And then I got to ask if it was true again and guess what? It still is!!!! So now I'm starting over again, who wants to race me?
Hermana Hepworth

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