Monday, January 31, 2011

January 24, 2011 Hace Frio?

First of all let me just say Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Because there have been so many ups and downs this week. We've had to drop some people and that's always hard. Especially when you know that you've had lessons where they've felt the spirit but they just don't want to change.

I'm really excited about this family we've been teaching for a while. They were progressing really slowly until a couple of weeks ago when they came to church. They've started reading in the Book of Mormon, Ana even reads it with her children sometimes (we read the story from the Conference talk by Sister Wixom about the family. We had their children repeat a verse. She really liked it and so she's been doing that) they haven't been to church since then but they've had some pretty good excuses. They're not married...yet. But they want to be so we're going to plan a wedding! :) Ana loves that she can have an eternal family. A couple of weeks ago we tracted into a lady named Soraida. We set up an appointment and in the middle of the lesson we found out she was a member. She hasn't been to church in a really long time and her husband isn't a member...yet. So basically it was a miracle that we found her, really though, the hand of the Lord is everywhere.

We've started teaching something called the promise pattern. We share 1 John 2:5 and talk about how we're messengers from the Lord and when they make a promise with us (to read the Book of Mormon or what ever committment we've left like coming to church, baptism) they're making it with the Lord. Our part of the promise is to come back and teach them more If they haven't kept the committment we can't teach them more because they're not ready. So we teach more about making a promise and how when they keep their promises with God they are able to have the love of God. (Like it says in 1 John 2:5) It's really cool! We were having trouble with it at first because we wanted to ask the question, It is better to make a promise and not keep it or to not make promises? I think we've got it all ironed out now.

Hermana Rials is doing great, I like training. It's just a lot of stress and pressure. But my Zone Leader Elder Poulsen said "There's not comfort in the growth zone and there's no growth in the comfort zone."
Hermana Hepworth

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