Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lots of Weeds

August 10, 2011
 We still haven't been able to contact David and Stacy and I'm pretty upset about that because Stacy was starting to change her life and you could just tell she was happier and now she's avoiding us.  I've grown to love her so much so it makes me very sad!
Probably the coolest things that have happened this week...
We started talking  to this Hispanic lady in the park but it soon became apparent that she only wanted to bash.  Well bashing never brings the Spirit (who is the REAL teacher) so there's no point in it.  I wanted to tell her that we didn't want to argue with her, we could only invite her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and decide for herselp if it was true or not.  Well, I didn't know the word for "argue" so I asked Sister Dalton but she didn't kinow either and so I just started saying it even though I didn't know how.  The most amazing thing happened.  I said the right work for "argue" in Spanish and I didn't know it.  It was pretty much a miracle.  That woman was very aggressive, she was up in our faces talking very, very loud. 

We have been teaching Kami and Seth for the past couple of weeks and it's been going pretty great!  At first we thought he was learning for Kami's sake, but we now think he's felt the Spirit in our lessons. (I know I have)  This last lesson we had with them I had the overwhelming feeling towards the end that he would be baptized and after the lesson, I found out that Sister Dalton had the same feeling at about the same time.

Probably the coolest thing that happened was our experience with Dr. Shull.  We have not been ablt to contact him for forever but it so happened that in the middle of last week we were driving to an appointment but Hermana Dalton had taken the wrong road so she had to turn and go down another one.  Well it so happened that we drive past Dr. Shull and he stopped and talked to us.  It turns out his daughter has been having chest pains so that's why we haven't been able to catch him.  We set an appointment and it was an AMAZING lesson.  We went by his Chiropractic office to teach him during his lunch break and we have been teaching him these past 4 months but had yet to invite him to be baptized.  I think it's because he has so much potential.  He's got great values and he's basically like a dry mormon so we didn't want to scare him off.  Well, the tim had come that we had to establish expectations and find out WHY he wants to learn from us.  The lesson was very spirit guided and we finally invited him to be baptized.  It went like this.  "IOf you found out the Book of Mormon was true and this church was true would you be baptized? ME  "Well I'd have to be!  Yeah"  We haven't met his wife yet so we told him we want to and he said he didn't know if she'd accept it and so we are praying really hard that he reads and prays and finds out that the Book of Mormon is true and talks to his wife about it and she has a soft heart.

I saw these sayings on churches around here and I thought they were funny.  "Friends, don't let frineds die without know Jesus."  "Forgive your enemies, it will mess with their minds."
Gotta go!
PS  We pulled a LOT of weeds this week FYI. I'm an expert at it now.

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