Tuesday, September 6, 2011


WARNING" YOU'RE GONNA WANT TO GET OUT YOUR SCRIPTURES.  I haven't been able to teach our recent convert Skylar for a very long time.  2 months in fact.  So we've had this super awesome lesson planned for him and we were actually able to teach it.  There's a cool story in ALMA 47:1-19 about a man named Lehonti.  We read those scriptures with the Crossetts and talked about what Lehonti's downfall was.  I invite you all to read those scriptures and ponder what Lehonti's downfall was.  He should've not come down the mountain at all but stuck with what he first said in verse 6 because by coming down the mountain it is eventually "ministered poison by degrees" verse 18 and dies.  We compared that to how Satan tempts us.  He doesn't tempt us to go out and rob a bank but he gets us with small things and gradually works up to the bigger things.  We compared that to how Amalickiah (the bad guy) killed in ALMA 51:34.  Teanum puts "a javelin to his heart".  I think I scared sister Crassett to death when I pulled out a mini nerf gun and shot her with it.  This is how we should kill Satan.  We should get him out before he has any power over us.  Then came the fun part of the lesson, we acted it out.  Everybody was reluctant to do it and we heard some groans, "I don't want to act it out"  But  they did it anyway and it was REALLY fun!  Everyone was laughing and they all had a great time.  We asked them to read ALMA 47-51 as a family thoughout the week.  Sometimes as you read the war chapters it can be hard.  I know for me I've thought "When are these wars ever going to end?"  But in reality there are a lot of really cool things in the war chapters.  A lot of great comparisons between the wicked people and Satan.  I especially love ALMA 48: 8-9.  This is how we should prepare ourselves against Satan.

The rest of this week was kinda hard, mostly because from September 2-5 there's something in Mt Pleasant called the "Old Thresher Reunion".  Everyone has been at that this week.  We were able to do some service there this week taking tickets.  We met some interesting characters....
We were able to teach Tami and Matt this week.  We also have been plugging away teaching Kami and Seth.  We've taught him all of the commandments now and he doesn't seem to really have a problem with any of them. WooHoo!  We had a super fun lesson on following the prophet/apostles about commandments we've taught them found in the last conference Ensign, April 2011.  After we heard the Prophet's council Sister Lance read a scenario where Kami and Seth would have to decide whether they would choose to follow the Prophets's council or not.  They made the right choice everytime.  Even when I was "Satan" and tried to entice them with candy.  I asked Seth if he liked chocolate and he said no, he likes carmel.  I told him that's what I had (even though it wasn't) because believe it or not Satan lies sometimes.  If they went against the council they had to go to the right of the chair we had set up and we had lots of obstacles.  But if they followed the council the pathway was clear.  I forgot to mention they were blindfolded.  As their reward for Following the Prophet they got a great big candy bar.  We've been working with another parmember family.  The Mangolds, last Sunday we taught them and invited them to church and they actually came this week.  Paula is a less active member and her husband Scott is a nonmember and he needs to gain a testimony of Joseph Smith being a prophet.  He says when he prays about it he doesn't feel any different afterwards.
It's time for me to sign off now friends and family.
I welcome your questions and comments with open arms!  :)
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PS Here are some picturesSister Rippenkroeger and I teaching Dr. Shulls a lesson about faith.

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