Sunday, October 16, 2011

This is Jilyn's mother.  I have not posted for her for a long time because of computer problems.  I am going to post her blogs for the last month.  I hope you read and enjoy.

September 12, 2011
This week got really interesting when we decided to stop by and visit a less active girl who was progressing so nicely. She really had expressed desire to change...and she was. And then she started avoiding us, we went by for several weeks and we knew she was home and was just ignoring us but we kept going by anyway because we don't want to give up on her. We decided to stop by on Friday and she actually opened the door. She was really tipsy and was telling us that she was drunk and to come in and come in and see the real Stacy. She was doing so great and she seemed so happy when she was trying to follow God but I guess Satan just got ahold of her because she told us she was drinking to numb the pain. She told us all about the awful things that have happened in her life. It was so sad, to see somebody in that much pain who thinks the only place they have to turn is alcohol. It was so sad to be around her and to see what alcohol does to people. We set an appt for the following day but she wasn't home so we stopped by on Sunday night and she was drunk again. We want to help her so much, but was can't make her do anything and that's the frusterating part.
On a happier note...We did service for the Mangold family on Friday. We painted their barn with them and then we had a BBQ afterwards. They're 2 year old grandson was there and he was hilarious! He loves cows! He kept singing this song "I am cow, here me moo...." They didn't come to church on Sunday but they're making progress because they got up early and thought about coming, that blasted Satan just got in the way so they didn't. Speaking of Satan, Sister Dalton and I decided to make a sign that says "Live today so that Satan says: Oh no, she's awake!" We put it up in our room.
We also had some great lessons with Kamrai and Seth this week. To help him gain a testimony of President Monson we decided to watch a talk by him. "Priesthood Power" from April 2011 Priesthood Session. We taught them at a members home, the Lance's, and afterwards we each shared our testimony of when we came to know that Pres Monson is the Prophet. I reflected on when Pres Hinckley died it seemed that nobody would be able to take his place. As I thought of Pres Monson being the prophet it just didn't seem to fit. But then the following General Conference when he stood up to speak and we all sustained him as the Prophet I knew that he was the Prophet.

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