Sunday, October 16, 2011

September 26, 2011

My new companion is, (drumroll)............................................Sister Christy Hancock!!!!!!!
She's pretty cool, she was my companion my first 2 transfers I was in Des Moines. She was being trained then.
Since Hermana Hancock arrived on Thursday we've been having a pretty great week! We took birthday cards to Tami (a less active) and Diana (also a less active) It was a great way to stop by and see them cause we're teaching Tami's fiance Matt and Dianas daughter Becka so they were happy we remembered their birthday and it gave us an opportunity to teach them.
Last week we ate with this woman named Debby, her daughter and son-in-law are members. They're actually inactive and have never shared anything about the gospel with Debby so we decided to stop by and see her on Thursday and we started talking about the Plan of Salvation with her. We have an appt to see her again tonight, we're going to show her how to listen to the Book of Mormon on because her eyesight isn't very good. We also had an appt with the Orrs that night and he also had his baptismal interview this Sunday and he passed which means he's ready for baptism this Saturday right after conference. YAY!!!
On Wednesday we taught Paula and Scott, we taught read from the talk about revelation from Elder Bednar, April 2011 General Conference. I think that I've mentioned using that talk before with investigators but it's only because I love it so much! I love the analogy of the light. We were teaching them that most likely their answer will come slowly over time. They don't feel like they've recieved an answer yet and so I'm having a hard time knowing what we need to do for them. We've come to the conclusion that we just need to help them recognize the Spirit at every lesson. That's what we did at this lesson. The Spirit was there really strong, especially at the end and so we asked if he could feel it and he said yes. We taught them again on Sunday and they said they felt good....the Spirit!
We taught Ian and Danielle, which was an interesting lesson. Mostly because we feel like he just wants to compare what we believe and he also told us that by us coming over it's helped him to have a desire to become stronger in his church. But they still want us to come over and talk to them about the scriptures. So we're going to teach them at least one more time and establish our expectations.
Saturday night was fun because we got to see the Relief Society General Conference. I loved listening especially to Pres Uchtdorfts talk. I felt (as I'm sure many others did) that he was talking to me. If any Relief Society sisters haven't seen it yet, you still can and I would strongly encourage that you do because it was simply amazing!
Well, this has been an Hermana Hepworth missionary report. I hope you enjoyed. :)

Hermana Jilyn Hepworth
8515 Douglas Avenue #19
Urbandale, Iowa, 50322

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