Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 3, 2011

Seth got baptized, Yay!!! The Spirit was there so strongly! It was also his birthday. In the baptism talk they talked about how it was his birthday and today he was going to have another "birthday". Today he was going to be spiritually reborn. In the Holy Ghost talk they talked about how today he was going to recieve a gift on his birthday, the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I reflected on that and had an spiritual insight. The Holy Ghost is a gift given to us for our spiritual "birthday". I thought that was so cool and something I would never have thought about had Seth not been baptized on his birthday.
Another thing I could feel the Spirit strongly General Conference! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I always took conference for granted growing up. Watching it now as a missionary has opened my eyes and I have a greater appreciation for it. After it's over I feel sad because I have to wait 6 whole months before the next one. We watched it Saturday, my favorite was Elder Carl B. Cooks experience on the elevator after being called as a General Authority. He was looking down because he could feel the weight of his calling and didn't know how he would be able to do it. Pres Monson comes in and asks what he's looking at. "Oh, nothing" Pres Monson's reply "It's better to look up." I loved that. It shows us that when there are things we are called to do that we feel we cannot, we must remember to who we should turn to, and look up. Another thing I loved that he said,  "Most of what we worry about is not of eternal signifigance, and if it is, the Lord will help us. " So true!!!
We taught a lesson to a woman named Shirley on Saturday night. Shirley does not like men, and she told us she has a problem with "12 men running the show." I had the distinct impression to invite her to come to Conference the next day. At first she said she couldn't but I told her that there were women who spoke as well (and I hoped and prayed there would be another woman speaker on Sunday...luckily there was :D) She came to the Sunday morning session and it was interesting to watch conference through her perspective. I hope she was able to see that these are humble men called of God, because that's what I saw as I watched them speak.  I know that they are Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ.
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Another funny thing from conference: We pray for patience, and we want it now. :)
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