Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 11, 2011

Dear Family,
I'm so sad that Patches died! I got the letter yesterday and I starting crying. I didn't realize I would be so sad when she seemed like it would never happen.
Yes, I got the cookies and they were yummy!
I had trouble getting on the computer today, I tried to log onto the computer a million times while I was doing my laundry,(they have computers in there) and it wouldn't let me log on and everybody seemed to be able to log on except for me so I let somebody else use my computer...and they were able to log on, yep and so I had to wait forever for another computer to use and it actually worked for me but I was getting concerned because there's not that much of pday left we go to dinner at 6 and then class right after and then it's over. There never seems time for everything! It's awesome though, I've already told you this but the TRC is where we go once a week to practice specific tasks in spanish with volunteers who may or maynot be members and then we teach a lesson in English. our 5th week here we start teaching in Spanish. This week went really well actually. I'm getting more comfortable with the setup and talking more.I realized that I love testifying about the church one on one with people. I can feel the strength of the Lord so strongly in my words as I testify of Him and His love for us. The more and more I testify of it the more I am assured that it's true. When we did some of the Spanish, I said some things and I wasn't even sure of exactly what I was saying when I said it, but I know it was right! We went to the temple again today and it was really amazing! As I sat there in the Celestial Room there's a picture of the Savior greeting us and I could feel the Spirit so strongly. When we were leaving we went past some sealing rooms and couples were being sealed to them and I could feel the Spirit there and I knew they were being sealed together for all eternity.
Te amo, Estoy apendiendo mucho espanol!
Love Hermana Hepworth

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