Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 3, 2010

Dear Family,

Yesterday Hermana Gunthrie (my companion) and I were sitting on a bench studying and some Elders came up to us (trying to "contact" us, we do that all the time) and we were talking about where we were from and I said a small town in Southern Utah and he was like what town? My mom is from a small town called Glendale.....and I was like What, oh my heck, that's where I'm from! His grandpa is Gerald Spencer. He started telling me about the story with his relative who saw somebody on the side of the road along time ago and picked him up..and when he started saying that I was like, oh my heck this is the story cause Clarence was the guy he was picking up.... anyways I thought it was so crazy!!!! He wrote my name down cause he was so excited about it, it was funny!
We did our TRC yesterday (Teaching Resource Center) we teach investigators (and you never know if they're really members or not) We had a task to do and we had to do it in Spanish (meet somebody in the park and testify to them and set up a time to talk to them again at their house) We did that 3 times and it went alright. It's hard because you have to think of your response in English first and then translate it into Spanish. Then we taught the first lesson (the Restoration) one time in English, it was really good. The investigators said the lesson was taught really well and that they have a lot of knowledge. Overall I'm pretty good, sometimes I get down but for the most part I'm happy!!!!!! and I'm happy to be here.
I love and miss you all!!!!!!
Love Hermana Jilyn Hepworth

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